Azulejos and Lisbon

Lisbon is one of my favorite cities. From the charming streets, to the azulejos and the food! Superb!

Starting my morning with a full breakfast at my hotel, shortly after making my way to Torre de Belém even though it is not my first time there. I love the view and it’s great to stop at Pasteis de Belem and beat the crowd (depending on the time of the day, there is a line of people waiting). This bakery has been around since 1837 making the traditional sweet called pastel de nata, an egg tart pastry. The secret recipe that once started in 1837 is recreated every day, by hand, using only traditional methods. This is a must in Lisbon!

I love LOVE the azulejos from Portugal, and I found the most beautiful place to enjoy a collection of them. Palacio Fronteira, a private residence built in 1671 as a hunting pavillion for the Fronteira family holds visiting guided tour in the mornings. I had the chance to see the inside where taking picture is not allowed, but I experienced its history with a detailed explanation by an expert guide for only €7.50. And after that I was free to roam through the gardens and take my time seeing all the azulejos.

A great lunch is well deserved after a long cultural morning. I got a tip from a Portuguese colleague of the best place to try “Bacalhau à Bras” and I was not disappointed. Time Out Mercado da Ribeira has numerous places for lunch. Miguel Castro e Silva has the best “Bacalhau à Bras” it will leave you asking for seconds. This dish is simple but so tasty, a combination of cod fish with eggs and potatoes.

I continued my day walking through the small streets of Lisbon and finished with the most beautiful sunset from my hotel room!

Bom aproveito!


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