Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam! I Love this city, be it in the winter or summer. So charming with it’s many cafes, beautiful canal streets and did you know this city has more bikes then residents!?




I like to start my day taking a stroll and getting lost on my way to my favorite cafe called Back to Black, this place is so cozy with its wood decor. I love to seat in one of the window seats overlooking the canal, seeing all the people passing through, riding their bikes. I have to say what attracted me to this place the first time was seeing a cat through the window, a common thing in Amsterdam! Binkie the cat loves a good lap and was a very good date. Now back to business, their flat white is delicious and I love getting one of their raw balls to go with it, perfect little snack.


I finally decided to go on a boat tour through the canals; I can’t believe it took me so long to do so. What a sight, the city looks even prettier sitting on a boat, sipping a drink and discovering the many houseboats, bridges. The tours last for an hour and half, having the opportunity to listen to an audio to gain some knowledge as I enjoy the picturesque views.


Continuing my walk I end up at Bloemenmarkt, the only floating flower market in the world and it’s open all year round. The many stalls have tulips in every color, what I love as well is the dry flower – like lavender that you can find hanging from the ceilings. A must see in Amsterdam! This is located on the Singel canal between the Koningsplein and the Muntplein.


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