Dining out in Belgrade

Belgrade, my second home!  This trip’s goal was to try as many cafes, restaurants and bakeries. Something nearly impossible as there is at least one cafe per block, I am not kidding you! Serbians love to spend their day drinking a cup of coffee, meeting friends, socialising out and about. My kind of place!

Early morning I made my way to THE place for coffee here, Pržionica D59B. A hipster specialty coffee shop with its own roastery, located in Belgrade’s lower Dorćol district. Here is strictly coffee business, no tea, no food.

Dorćol, a former industrial area of Belgrade with many old warehouses, has seen a very positive change in recent years with many young Serbians investing in the area, opening restaurants, clubs, cafes, and boutiques that holds this cool industrial vibe.

Right next to Pržionica D59B, another great place I had a chance to enjoy for an afternoon date called Radionica. The prefect chill out spot, specially in such a beautiful sunny day. This restaurant/bar has the best interior, raw and untreated concrete walls, keeping some of its original elements of once just a simple warehouse. I did not get a chance to enjoy it in the evening, but I was informed that Radionica plays the best underground house music and makes a mean drink!


Breakfast was served in Smokvica, a beautiful cafe in the most charming neighbourhood of Vračar. A super cozy interior, romantic setting with a fireplace for Belgrade’s cold winter days and plenty of seating in its courtyard garden. Food is delicious here and big portions so bring your appetite!

After a hearty breakfast, desserts! And I am happy to inform that Serbians share the same sweets tooth as me. I visited the prettiest bakery here, Mandarina cake shop. Freshly baked and beautifully presented cakes. I must have tried nearly all of them during my trip.

Dinner location this time was Comunale, over looking Sava River. This modern and minimalist Italian restaurant with its concrete hall, serves the best truffle gnocchi. Service here is superb, English menu available and great local wine selection.


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