The 4 Must in Dubai

Someone once said, “breakfast it the most important meal of the day,” and this is one of the few things I have heard over the course of my life that I take to heart. Cocoa Room has THE best truffle eggs benedict in town! OMG! It is out of this world good. For the sweet tooth healing, have the nutella french toast. This is a breakfast only place and it gets pretty busy on weekends, so wake up early and beat the crowd.

Sum of us is a great place for a healthy meal, serving fresh and creative dishes. An urban, industrial style decor with exposed ceilings, clean lines and an exposed roastery, paradise for a coffee lover like me. They like to keep their menu simple, but their dishes are anything but, a burst of flavours and always visually pleasing.

Culinary Boutique has been so meticulously thought out. A villa turned into restaurant, with a beautiful ambience. Marble table tops, plenty of natural lighting and contemporary details. The dishes here are fresh, delicious, and beautifully presented. Everything here is so perfect, making it impossible to leave without a big smile. Culinary Boutique’s second floor has a custom built kitchen for cooking classes, with themes ranging from Emirati cuisine to Peruvian food.

Now lets get into coffee.

In recent years with my growing love for coffee and curiosity to its know how, I have improved my taste bud, requesting only the best cup of coffee wherever I go. I came upon The espresso lab, a place that shares the same love or can I say exceeds all my expectations. It is amazing to meet a group of people so enthusiastic and passionate for coffee, consistently delivering the best. A beautiful place with a very inviting atmosphere, serving only coffee and don’t even think of having sugar as it is no where to be found. My afternoon chill out of choice.

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