Countryside of Serbia

A weekend getaway in Serbia has been in my agenda for a long time and I am happy that we managed to see its many beauties this summer.



Waking up very early and making our way to Lake Uvac, a stunning curvaceous lake three hours away from Belgrade. The lake can only be seen by a guided boat tour and unfortunately it is only in Serbian, but the scenery is more than sufficient to satisfy any nature lover. The boat tour take about four hours, first making a stop at a cave where we had the chance to go inside, further continuing the boat tour through the lake where we got very close to griffon vultures and finally being dropped of at a point to start a two hour hike for the most amazing view of the lake and its surrounding.


IMG_2954 copy


Making our way to Zlatibor region, which by the way means “Golden Pine”. I then understood why such a name, the mountains here are covered with perfectly placed pine trees all over, and they are in such order and so beautiful that no photographs will ever due it justice. I felt in love straight away and in such awe that a completely forgot to capture the moments and just gazed! A true wonder.



Early rise again to continue with our last day sights, but firstly a traditional Serbian breakfast at THE place for it, Krcma Gaj in Zlatibor. A family owned restaurant, set on top of a hill with a killer view. Super cozy atmosphere, with plenty of outdoor seating, simple but delicious dishes and lots of wooden accents, a true Balkan dining experience. To digest all the goodness, a well deserved walk through its popular day market with plenty of local produce like homemade honey and jams and wild berries! They were absolutely delicious with intense flavours.


By chance we came to an old train station called Sarganska Osmica, dating back to 1925 and still in operation today as an attraction to visitors.


To end our weekend getaway, we drove down to magical Drina River which borders Bosnia. Another tick off my list, the beautiful house in the middle of the Drina River. This house was built in 1968 by a group of young boys who needed a comfortable place to sunbath. It has been destroyed a few times after due to flood, but always being rebuilt. Now it is a very popular sight for tourists from all over the world.







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