A weekend in Switzerland

A great excuse of returning our rental car back to Zurich, was to make this a weekend thing. We could not miss the chance to see those perfectly groomed mountains, endless lakes and everything else dreamy that comes with Switzerland.

Stopover in Ascona, an Italian speaking town with breathtaking views of Lago Maggiore. Truly a spectacular town with the charms of Italy and the perfection that only Switzerland can offer.  We enjoyed an evening walk followed by the most delicious dinner at Osteria Nostrana, a preferred choice for locals and tourists here. Be prepared to wait as it is always very busy, but the food will totally be worth the while.



We took up on a suggestion from our B&B to go visit Vale Verzasca the following morning. A beautiful river near Locarno with crystal clear water, and plenty of hiking opportunities through out.



Switzerland endless beauty made our drive so effortless and fun. Our next town, Flims came up so quickly feeling like just a few minutes had passed by. There we stayed in Romantik Hotel, a historical building dating back to the nineteen hundreds with gorgeous views and immaculate service. Flims is surrounded by mountains and plenty of outdoor activities, a paradise for nature lovers like us.




We enjoyed the afternoon at Lake Cauma, hiking to its crystal clear turquoise water and picturesque banks in the middle of endless forest.



We ended our magical weekend with another hike to Ruinaulta Canyon, also know as the “Swiss Grand Canyon.” A perfect place for a picnic, to relax or simply taking in the nature. There are plenty of viewing platforms along the route to offer spectacular views of the canyon.






Gute Reise!

5 thoughts on “A weekend in Switzerland

  1. Wonderful post and lovely photos. We were in Switzerland around Lac Léman during summer for three weeks and loved it a lot. Have started to write about it on the blog as well. It’s a beautiful country with so much to offer.


      1. Second time actually. Visited once almost a decade ago but it was in winter and a lot gloomy. We drove around a lot at that time and didn’t really explore it really well. This time was totally different.


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