Melbourne, a culinary hotspot

The Australian food scene is out of this world, and Melbourne is the top city to dine in. I love it so much. It’s super exciting, cultural, vibrant, offering an endless amount of restaurants to choose from.

Melbourne has a very chill vibe, and its restaurants and cafes offers just that. I love cruising down this busy city and discovering it’s hidden little streets, where I find and smell numerous coffee shops. They’re not just any coffee shops, but in my opinion the best in the world! The people in Melbourne know both the meaning and taste of good coffee, making me a very happy lady!

Another reason that makes Melbourne, and the rest of Australia gastronomically amazing, is the fact that there is no restriction or traditions. Anything and all goes, this relaxed approach to food makes it in my opinion the world’s biggest food hub.

In my many TwentFour, I have discovered many places that I adore. Here is a list of my current keepers:

Feast of Merit – This beautiful restaurant located in Richmond has the most delicious scramble eggs I have ever had. Their concept is to serve only local and seasonal produce ensuring a delicious meal which also means the menu  reflects on the current season. A percentage of it’s profit is used to help improve the lives of people living in poverty, that alone makes me a number one fan!



Nutrition Bar – On the same street as Feast of Merit is this cute spot for fresh smoothies, acai bowls, salads and vegan/raw desserts. Nutrition Bar has the friendliest staff and makes healthy choices taste so good.


Laneway Greens – I can’t rave enough about this place, modern and slick design, located in one of the small streets of CBD, Flinders Ln. Using the freshest ingredients and packed with nutrients, serving salads, smoothies and pressed juices.  It gets super busy during lunch hours, so bring a dose of patience and order one of their healthy snacks while waiting!



Dukes Coffee Roasters – Right in front on Laneway Greens is this stylish and cozy coffee shop, serving specialty coffee that is made with a commitment to using organic and ethically made products, while reducing waste. Always super busy with a long queue, but the line moves very quickly, and the coffee is definitely worth trying.


Pressed Juices – As the name gives out, this is heaven for pressed juice lovers! Endless options and always super friendly staff ready to help. With locations all over Australia, this is a keeper for a pressed juice on the go or also one of their already made salads that comes in the cutest glass containers.

2016-09-15-01.13.34-1.jpg.jpgphoto credit above to Pressed Juices


Kitty Burns – A beautiful restaurant with plenty of natural lighting, clean design and very interesting architecture elements. Close to Yarra river in the suburb of Abbotsford. Very popular for brunch and an array of daily freshly baked sweets by Bistro Morgan, a young baker making the most creative and delicious doughnuts.




 Have you been to any of these restaurants or have a favorite spot in Melbourne? If so please share.


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