Waking up to Pamukkale


Pamukkale looks like a dream, I fell in love the instant I saw a photo and knew I would visit it one day in the very near future. Meaning “cotton castle” in turkish due to its white calcium travertines terraces filled with thermal water, creating an abundance of natural pools. A spectacular and unique sight that makes Pamukkale the single most visited attraction in Turkey year after year.

Due to its popularity, daily flights from many cities in Turkey are available as well as overnight busses. We opted for a 40 minutes flight from Istanbul to Denizli (the closest airport), where a coach bus operated by BAYTUR took us to our hotel in Pamukkale (this is approximately one hour drive). We arrived in the late evening just in time to get a good nights rest.

Being October, the weather was a bit chilly, but that also meant less tourists and a much more enjoyable experience for us. I recommend starting early regardless of the season to avoid the crowds, even on low season there are still many people that want to enjoy the spectacular sights.








We didn’t miss the opportunity to see the archeological sites of Hierapolis during our visit. This UNESCO site was once an ancient city located on hot springs, used as a spa since the 2nd century BC.



TIPS: Shoes are not allowed when walking through the travertines. I suggest starting at the North Gate, first visiting the archeological sites of Hierapolis, then walking down the travertines.


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