Exploring Beijing

I am lucky for the opportunity to revisit Beijing since my first visit 4 years ago, so I can explore a few of the numerous historical spots that goes far beyond the magnificent Great Wall. Also to find good places to eat, because I do struggle adapting to the Chinese cuisine and all that comes with it.

Visiting the Great Wall is something that should be on everyones agenda, this place is truly spectacular and showcases the great things men kind can achieve. I have seen it during winter and summer, and both are equally beautiful and completely different experiences. The most popular part that you can visit is the Mutianyu, for its great infrastructure and well preserved section of the wall and towers. Many organised tours are available and in my opinion the best way see it.




At the center of Beijing the Forbidden City is found, a sight not to be missed. It once served as the imperial palace for 24 emperors during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. During that time, it was forbidden to enter or leave without permission of the emperor, this is where the name originates.



On my last visit to Beijing I had the chance to see the Temple of Heaven, a place once used by the emperors of the Ming Dynasty for the Heaven Worship Ceremony. I woke up super early to be one of the first ones in line before opening hours. Found inside a park in the middle of the city.  I stumbled upon many people of all age playing cards and chess in this long hallway that took me to the entrance of the Temple.



I have done a lot of research to find a healthy and delicious meal in Beijing. Saveurs de Coreee, a Korean barbecue restaurant offers MSG-free food, with excellent homemade kimchi and steaks flavoured with a unique pear marinade.


Another great find is Cafe Zarah, for great coffee, snacks and just a beautiful place to chill out after a long day of sights and shopping.


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