Jolie Floral Boutique Café – Dubai

My first impression walking up to Jolie is that I am in a meadow at springtime, when flowers are at their full bloom covering every space with their beauty and fragrance. This is honestly the perfect place to meet up with girlfriends for an afternoon tea, have a romantic date, or simply disconnect from the busy city and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Every single detail has been carefully thought out, from the ceiling that is covered with greenery and roses, to the presentation of their drinks and food, even the napkins put a smile on my face.

The entire staff greeted me with a warm smile and were extremely knowledgable, patiently explaining the menu and concept. I tried their flat white beautifully presented with a rose (which I got to keep), strong just to my taste. I also tried a special drink that will soon be available for the summer days, an iced version of their best seller – rose cardamon chai latte. What a great combination of flavours, the rose syrup complements the chai latte so well and it is all rather refreshing for this time of the year.

I am looking forward to my next visit to try one of their savoury dishes and of course one  or two desserts. Jolie’s menu is extensive with plenty of options for breakfast, salads and mains, fresh juices and smoothies are also available.

Jolie means “pretty” in French, and this theme is definitely seen all around. With their help you can get that wrapped in a gift box to share; macarons complimented with just as delicate roses are a perfect way to make someones day (my two most favorite things in the world!).

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PS: More pics coming soon…..

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