Flamingo Room – Dubai’s most instagrammable restaurant

Let’s be honest, the instagram hype is here to stay. I simply love that, as I am a sucker for anything beautifully presented. Flamingo Room by Tasha’s has recently opened its doors, and I can’t believe it has taken this long for Dubai to get such a gorgeous restaurant.

I have loved Tasha’s delicious cuisine and interiors for a while now, so naturally I had big expectations for Flamingo Room. Lets just say they did not disappoint, the interiors are stunning and sure to make a statement. A colour scheme of peachy pink combined with African inspired details and a touch of Art Deco. It all blends in like magic! It is impossible to keep your eyes at one place, as it seems like every corner has a hidden details worth of your attention.

flamingo (3 of 2)

They are serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a menu that looks so good. You can find anything from a lobster benedict with toasted brioche to steaks, salads, and even truffle dishes. We both chose to have something with truffles, as we are obsessed with it. I had the open lasagna with mushroom and truffles, Ogi had the herb, mushroom and truffle tart. Both dishes were as I expected, deliciously prepared with fresh ingredients and a great combination of flavours. We finished our lunch date with a passion fruit soufflé with coconut cream and espressos.

Along with the amazing interiors and quality dishes, I can say the same goes for the service. The entire staff are friendly and well trained, something worth cherishing in Dubai.


Flamingo Room is located at The Turtle Lagoon at Jumeirah Al Naseem hotel. Outside seating is available for the winter days ahead and make sure to try one of their famous cocktails!


2 thoughts on “Flamingo Room – Dubai’s most instagrammable restaurant

  1. This is so beautiful!! I can imagine this is the perfect place for taking pictures… It’s simply beautiful and stylish!! Great pictures!!


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