Pretty in Pink – Parlour Boutique Cafe

Pretty in Pink – Parlour Boutique Cafe

Parlour Boutique is the new spot in the World Trade Center. Their slogan is “French food without attitude.” An accurate statement to be made, since what we found upon our fist visit was, pretty interiors, plenty of insta-worthy dishes accompanied by the friendliest service.

The contemporary interior is chic without the fuss, feeling very inviting and welcoming. The accents of pink are tastefully seen through out the restaurant. Even the coffee is served in pink cups, which I have a feeling will soon be all over social media as the prettiest coffee in Dubai.

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Arriving very hungry for lunch (as usual) we could not wait to take a look at their menu. We were so surprised to see that in addition to the menu, a tablet showing photos and videos of each dish came along with it, making ordering so much easier and fun! The prices for each dish are very reasonable compared to similar cafes, sure making this place a keeper in my books.

Ogi had the Chicken Cordon Bleu and I had the Salmon Basque. Food tasted great and was well presented. We finished our lunch with two flat whites and a pastry of course! The coffee is not only pretty, it is also organic and delicious.


While browsing the menu, I noticed that they serve an Açai Bowl for breakfast and Croq’ Truffles (scrambled eggs with black truffles) so you can find me there for breakfast very soon. They have recently introduced an Afternoon Tea for 250AED for two. Something else worth checking out.

Hope you enjoy this place as much as we did and do take advantage of the free valet parking when you go!

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