21 Grams – Urban Balkan Bistro

21 Grams – Urban Balkan Bistro

Balkan Cuisine is considered to be the “Soul Food” of Europe, it is also believed that the human souls weights 21 grams. With these things in mind came the name for this bistro, along with a few other reasons that coincidentally aligned, but more about that later.

We were warmly greeted by the staff upon our arrival, as if we had been there many times before. The interior is so cosy and gorgeous details from the Balkan peninsula are seen through out, with accents of pink and orange. Everything is served on porcelain dishes, hand made in Belgrade, something that really stood out for me. What better way to serve soul food.

The menu includes a great selection of food from the Balkan cuisine, with a modern twist. Expect to find popular dishes like sarma, ćevapi and burek which are fantastic and delicious, but I strongly suggest that you explore the menu. Don’t be shy to ask one of the knowledgable staff for their opinion when making your decision.

I had the privilege to visit 21 Grams for breakfast and lunch, and can say that each dish I tried bursted with flavours and was beautifully presented. Everything is made in their kitchen using wholesome, seasonal ingredients that are sourced from local farmers whenever possible. My current favorites from the menu (not in order) are: kajmak, ajvar, dalmatian pašticada and polenta.

Another reason to fall in love with 21 Grams is by trying one of their delicious desserts along with a cup of coffee. You can’t leave there without trying their chocolate hazelnut baklava with loads of their homemade chocolate, it is simply out of this world! From Turkish to cold brew and expressos, the options are endless and they are all from locally roasted beans. I am happy to say that 21 Grams is another “it place” in Dubai serving the perfect flat white.

Now as I am promised, a few more reasons why the name 21 Grams is so fitting for this Urban Balkan Bistro:

  • 21 degrees, the latitude the Balkan Peninsula.
  • 021, Area code for Novi Sad, the owner Stasha’s hometown in Serbia.


I am thrilled that 21 Grams has finally opened it’s doors, I have a feeling it will be a regular place for me to spend my mornings and afternoons. To see more pics from my latest visits, check out my instagram stories.


21 Grams is located at Park Regis Boutique Hotel on Jumeirah Rd, just steps from the beach! They are open daily from 7 AM till 11:30 PM.


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