An Insta-Worthy Christmas in Moscow

An Insta-Worthy Christmas in Moscow

This post is a bit overdue since my recent visit to Moscow is no longer so recent, and Christmas is now way behind us! Hard to believe how fast time has passed to be honest. But regardless, we can always reminisce upon the holiday season and start looking forward to the upcoming one.

I was so lucky to visit Moscow on their Orthodox New Year, 14th of January, which happened to be the last day of their Christmas market. I love Moscow, but I think after this trip I have fallen in love with it. It was super cold, below 7 degrees celsius, but that did not stop us for wanting to explore the entire city.

I usually opt for their metro system, specially since their stations are know to be some of the most beautiful ones! But this time uber was our choice to get around town just to see as many places as possible while we drove around, and try to get warm along the way.

We loved having dinner at Mari Vanna (strongly recommend making a reservation prior), a reservation we nearly missed due to a delay with our flight. This cosy restaurant serves Russian cuisine and they even have a cute cat roaming around and greeting her guests. Walking around the Red Square is always something I enjoy doing when I am in Moscow, but during this time of the year it is even better!! Every single part of it is full of lights and so lively. We discovered the most colorful and bright pathway I have ever seen in front of Café Pushkin (another must for breakfast or any time as they are open 24hrs). If you follow me on instagram, then you had a glimpse of what I am referring to, here are all of my pictures which I hope will encourage you to add Moscow to your future holiday season getaway.

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    • lterroni
      May 14, 2018 / 5:57 pm

      Aww thank you Ana for the love!! It really was a wonderful time in Moscow as always

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