My very first Chanel Bag

My very first Chanel Bag

It has been a dream since I know a thing or two (believe I do) about fashion, to one day own my very own Chanel bag. I had my eyes on the mini square flap bag, and knew straight away it would be “the one.” I find it to be the most adorable bag due to its size and remaining true to the iconic Chanel classic flap bag.

I decided to buy the Chanel bag for myself on my birthday, and what a surprise it was to see how hard it was to actually find one! I must have called every single store in the UAE and Europe, sadly to hear that they were sold out of this particular Chanel bag style in every single color. Now I did not want it in just any color. I wanted it to be in black or beige, which proved to be even harder to find. My local store told me that there was a wish list for it, and no definite date of when they would receive it. Way to break a girl’s heart!

I patiently waited and continued my unsuccessful daily calls. Everything changed on one lovely evening when I went to Dubai Mall for the cinema. I had 30 minutes to spare, so I figured I would dropped by the Chanel store to have a look and Voilà!! They had just received my dream Chanel bag! The limited edition camel beige lambskin square mini flap! Ohh it was love at first sight. I have to say that the experience of purchasing a Chanel bag is totally a “feeling like a princess” moment. I was taken to a small room where I waited for my bag to be wrapped up, I was offered a drink and the lovely sales person showed me all the new styles they had just received.

I enjoyed the experience of purchasing a Chanel bag so much that I can’t even remember what movie I watched that day, I was smiling and giggling the rest of the evening. I am sure people thought I was a bit crazy, but who cares!

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    • lterroni
      March 6, 2018 / 8:05 am

      Thank you! I love how it’s a bit on the pink side of beige

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