A short stay in Tiradentes – Minas Gerais

A short stay in Tiradentes – Minas Gerais

I wanted our trip to Brazil to be really special since this was Ogi’s first time visiting my hometown Belo Horizonte. We planned on renting a car and naturally wanted to explore the nearby historical towns. Tiradentes was a town often mentioned by my family. While doing my research, I was already falling in love with this place.

Tiradentes is a small colonial town with only 7000 residents. One can easily fall in love with the colorful houses that decorate the pebble stone streets. Hidden in a valley, surrounded by mountains, a landscape that Minas Gerais is known for. What makes Tiradentes so unique are the cultural events, artisanal shops and bohemian vibe. Obviously my favorite part is that Tiradentes is known as the gastronomical gold mine of Brazil!

We chose to spend two nights in a small B&B (in Portuguese we say Pousada) called Pouso da Torre. This charming colonial house, turned B&B is located away from the town center, on a hilltop offering beautiful views. I loved the original details seen through out. Walking in to the grand room we couldn’t help but notice the amazing selection of books and so many interesting antiques. Our room was simple and authentic to an era that I am deeply intrigued with. Everything was original, from the armoire to the bed and linen.

Breakfast was fantastic. To be expected since this town is know for its good food. In Minas Gerais we love serving our guests food as much as we love eating it. Anybody visiting will instantaneously feel a part of the family. A huge table displayed plenty of fruits, freshly baked breads including pao de queijo, cakes and homemade jams. In addition we could ask for eggs of our choice and tapioca. With a happy belly, we were ready to start our daily adventures!

Sadly we had rainy days through out our stay, that didn’t stop us from exploring the town. I loved walking around Tiradentes, getting lost along the narrow streets and making many stops through out the day for food. I highly recommend seeing the Igreja Matriz de Santo Antonio, the oldest church in Tiradentes and by far the prettiest one I have ever seen. One of the last creations of famous Brazilian architect Aleijadinho. Unfortunately we were not able to take photos inside, but trust me it is stunning (the interior is covered with gold).

On to food talk! I highly recommend having dinner at Tragaluz, we loved it so much that we made reservations for the next day before the main course arrived. What got us from the first impression was the cozy and charming interior. Candles setting a romantic ambience lighted up every table. The service was top notch, even in English for Ogi…. which meant I had the night off from translating duties. Everything was delicious; try the D’Angola (farm chicken cooked in a very special way). Save room for the dessert, the Goiabada Tragaluz is simply out of this world, no wonder it is the best seller of the house.

Try Tapioca Maria Bonita for lunch. The owner herself prepares the delicious tapiocas in her small shop. She managed to make tapioca a gourmet dish by drifting from the traditional ingredients. Just a few steps from there, you can find a great cup of coffee in Cafeteria Ouro Negro.

Hope you will find Tiradentes as charming as we did!


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