Booking our hotel in Chiang Mai with Nustay

Booking our hotel in Chiang Mai with Nustay

When Nustay approached us, I couldn’t believe that I never heard of this online booking site before. I like to think that I am a pro at booking hotels for our holidays, always finding the most unique and luxurious hotels with the best price. Really, research is something I love to do; I can spend hours digging the Internet trying to find deals.

 I needed to put this platform to the test and our upcoming trip to Chiang Mai was perfect for that.

Nustay ultimate goal is to give travelers looking for a hotel stay the best rate they can find. The way they do this is by matching your travel preferences to the hotel type, something they call ‘best match’ which can lead to up to 72% off regular online price This way the hotel gets the guest they are targeting and you get the best deal possible.  You set your hotel preferences during your search and Nustay does the rest.

One of the top suggestions was X2 Chiang Mai Riverside Resort; this place was such a match for us. Let me just say that Nustay price was less then other booking platforms for the exact dates. I don’t know what kind of magic goes behind the scene, but I am in love! I highly recommend checking Nustay before booking your hotel stay, sign up here.

Onto our fabulous stay in Chiang Mai! Checking in X2 Chiang Mai Riverside Resort was a breeze; we were warmly greeted by their staff and quickly settled in to our room. Exposed brick seen throughout the exteriors, it is inspired by Chiang Mai’s old city walls. Lush greenery cover the entire surroundings, talk about a beautiful contrast! Our room faced the river along with a view of the restaurant, a stunning contemporary glass-house.

Then there is the food. Michelin Star Chef Nicolas, from France, designs the menu. I feel like that explains it all already. French culinary art paired with Thai flavors, what a perfect combination. Every single dish we tried was bursting with flavors, and the presentation was superb. Breakfast was just as good, in addition to the buffet style; we also had a menu to choose anything else we wanted.

I can’t forget to mention the infinity pool located at the rooftop. There are so many little lights that turn on in the pool creating what looks like thousands of stars as the sun slowly sets.

Keep an eye for my next post on Chiang Mai. I will be sharing all our activities and great places to eat too. Also check out our Chiang Mai video.








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