How to make your Instagram stories and highlights covers prettier

 I love getting creative with my instagram stories, specially when it comes to food. I’m always looking for new apps and tools that allow me to add something unique to my photos and videos. The same goes for my highlights, I love making it cuter using a pastel color, and it gives me chance to add some pink to my instagram account! Since I received many messages regarding what apps I use for my instagram stories and highlights, I figured I would come up with this list of all my favorite apps and sites.


Best Apps to enhance my Instagram Stories



This app is great to edit videos from your phone. It lets users easily string clips together, add speed and customize them with text, music and artwork.

Hype Type

Great app for adding animated text over video clips and boomerangs. This app allows you to add music over a video and crop your clips.


This app is my current favorite! All my stories collages are made with this app. You can choose the background colors, layouts, borders and objects. Video collages are also possible with this app.


Best Apps/Site to enhance my Instagram Highlights Covers (with guide on how to create it) 

This site is my go to place to create just about anything. I love that most of the templates are free and also is super easy to use.

Click on create a design

Click on blog graphic

Click elements  on the left-hand side

Click grids and select the first plain picture on the left

Click on backgrounds and select a color or a background of choice.

After you can either use a text or graphics (many are free and some cost 1 dollar)

Click download as .JPG



As I previously mentioned, this is a favorite! Here is a simple way to create your highlights covers using this app.

Click on ratio

Select 9 : 16

Click on color to select background of your choice

Click on object to choose text or graphics

And you are done! Save it on higher resolution to your phone.



I would love to see your new instagram highlight cover creations! Tag me in your stories and share this tutorial with your friends.


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