My favorite restaurants in Croatia

My favorite restaurants in Croatia

Choosing only a few restaurants in Croatia was really hard as I absolutely love the cuisine there! This time around I was happy to find many vegan options and even raw desserts! Honestly this trip was an absolute paradise for my tummy.


Lets start off in Zagreb even though we were there for just a few hours. While walking through the city we saw a sign that said Food Expert, we were so intrigued and had to walk in! A raw food deli is what awaited us, talk about hitting the jackpot. You can expect to find fresh salads, pressed juices, and many sweet treats. Everything we tried was delicious and I will definitely return next time I am in town.

Next on the list is Bazza Cafe & Bistro in Sibenik. This charming cafe is located in the main street of the old town, with a big outdoor seating area perfect for summer days. The menu has many options, including many vegetarian dishes and I must mention that this is the only restaurant in Croatia that I found an açai bowl! It was just as I hoped it to be, tasty and full of healthy toppings.

Onto the small town of Trogir! I highly recommend making a breakfast date or just having a coffee at the outdoor veranda at Brown Beach House Hotel. The view is a selling point alone there.

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar in Split is my favorite restaurant of this trip. Why you ask? They have truffle dishes on the menu. I had the truffle pasta which was so good and a big portion. The restaurant is beautiful, and service was top notch.

Two restaurants in Dubrovnik should be on your list! First one is Konoba Jezuite, located in the square called Poljana Rudjera Boskovica in Old Town. The menu offers many local dishes and the best tiramisu we have ever had! It was so good that we return the next day just for it.

Secondly is Gradska Kavana Arsenal, a beautiful restaurant with a large seating area. The food was delicious and our server was very friendly. We were too hungry to remember to take any photos, but take my word for it! You will love it there.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite restaurants in Croatia and hopefully have added one or a few to your list.









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