A Romantic Day in Paris

A Romantic Day in Paris

I was thrilled when Ogi and I made plans to spend one day in Paris. It may sound crazy to only spend twenty-four hours in a city, but we got used to it due to our jobs and we always try to make the most of it. Sometimes we look back, shocked at all we have seen in such a short amount of time.

We woke up way before sunrise and made our way to Trocadero, sadly for us it was blocked off for a movie premiere. Quickly changing our plans, we walked to Ponte de Bir-Hakeim as we didn’t want to miss the sunrise, it was by far the most magical one I have ever seen in Paris.

A short walk from Ponte de Bir-Hakeim, is a quiet street offering a different angle of the Eiffel Tower worthy of many pictures. We also enjoyed seeing the buildings in that neighbourhood, one prettier then the other.

Exact location: 48°51’36.4″N 2°17’50.1″E

We chose to have breakfast at Ob-La-Di, a favorite cafe of mine. We both had an avocado toast and a granola bowl, of course we didn’t skip coffee. This place is tiny and so adorable, what catches everyones eyes in the blue and white tiles seen all over their instagram.

Onto another stop at Cafe Kitsune, in the beautiful Jardin du Palais Royal. I love this park as it very peaceful and full of trees, making it the perfect place for a much needed break after all the walking. I opted for a matcha latte and Ogi had a flat white which he loved!

Our beautiful day in Paris ended with a fantastic lunch at Pink Mamma, the most gorgeous restaurant I have ever laid eyes on! I strongly suggest arriving when they open if you would like to seat at the top floor, a glasshouse room covered in greenery. Don’t worry if you don’t make it in time though, the restaurant is huge! There is a total of 4 floors and each room is uniquely designed, making it very hard for me to decided on which one is prettier. I had the famous homemade truffle pasta, Ogi had the seafood one and for dessert….are you ready for it? Tiramisu! But the exciting part is how they serve it, bringing the entire casserole to the table. Enough said here.


Dress by Leal Daccarett (similar styles below)

Sunglasses by Local Supply

Bag by Dolce & Gabbana

Watch by Michele

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