Twenty-Four hours in Hong Kong

Twenty-Four hours in Hong Kong

I am so happy to share my current favorite places in Hong Kong in this Twenty-Four hours itinerary. I really believe Hong Kong has the perfect balance of a busy city life immersed into nature. There is plenty of dinning options and activities to satisfy everyone, so lets get to it!

Wake up at the crack of dawn to see the sunrise from a higher ground! I mean a hike, since there are so many trails in Hong Kong. I highly recommend Braemar Hill, an easy and fairly short hike with a super insta-worthy view ! You can read my latest post here on how to reach it.

After breaking a sweat, a well deserved breakfast at Elephant Grounds. There is a few locations through out Hong Kong, so google it up and choose your favorite. For all the coffee lovers like me, don’t miss out on their specialty coffee, it is known as one of the best in Hong Kong.

Make your way to the other side of Hong Kong to discover some of the old public housing that have recently become insta-famous. Start at Choi Hung, where you are sure to share the basketball court with many local children. Exact location here.

Another public housing close by is Lok Wah South Estate. This time around the carpark is where the magic takes place. Go up to the last level of this carpark where you can find blue circular walls. There are two levels of it, make your way to the other one if you see some fellow photographers on the first one. Exact location here.

I am always hungry and after this I am sure you will too! Try lunch at The Winery Kitchen and Bar followed by bubble tea at the prettiest place in SoHo, Flamingo Bloom.

You might as well explore a bit of SoHo to digest lunch! Visit the “Cat Street Market” for some souvenirs or just to enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Dinner at Social Place. I would highly recommend making reservations prior as it gets very busy. This Dim Sum restaurant is very famous amongst the locals for its creative and delicious dishes.

Did you know that Hong Kong is famous for its hidden bars? I was lucky enough to have my friend Thanh @thetravelnova take me to one of her favorite bars called Feather Boa, known for the city’s best strawberry daiquiris. Hidden behind a tiny store front covered with curtains so no one can see inside. Once in, the decor will remind you of a Parisian boudoir (it was too dark to capture any good photos, but trust me you will love it!)

Hope you have enjoyed reading this. Do you have a favorite place in Hong Kong that is no mentioned here? If so please share in the comments.

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