My 15 instagram spots in Dubai, because we all want great photo locations right?! Not in order of what is best, simply a compilation of my favorite places here in Dubai and the bonus is that some of them will require you to have so much fun while creating you instagram clicks. Lets get straight to it!

1.Starting with the most impressive hotel in Dubai, Burj Al Arab! The exterior is already very instagram worthy with it’s massive size and sail shaped, something I have never seen before. But in my opinion the magic lies inside, at the Talise Spa! Guests are able to enjoy whenever they like and whoever is not staying there can purchase a day pass and enjoy all the facilities.

2. Go on a sunrise hot air balloon ride in the desert! This one is so much fun and you might be lucky to get super close to Tesla the falcon. A bonus of this activity is what happens after, or better how it happens. Breakfast is served at a bedouin camp which is beautiful! But the amazing part is riding there on a vintage Land Rover.

3. The Flamingo Room is a gorgeous lunch spot, located at Jumeirah al Naseem. This place will have you wanting to take photos of every single details and the food is so good!

4. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a very charming part of Dubai and also the most instagram worthy in my opinion. An old part of Dubai located at Dubai Creek. Walking through the many narrow alleys, visiting the carpet store and the museum of coffee are a few of my favorite things to do there. Also don’t miss the opportunity to have lunch at the Arabian Tea House, food is delicious and everything is beautifully presented too.

5. Taking an Abra boat across the Dubai Creek is a must and its just a few steps from Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Probably the cheapest thing you will do too, only costing 1 dirham per ride.

6. Al Seef is an outdoor mall located on Dubai’s heritage district near the Dubai Creek. This one is also in close proximity to Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and with a similar feel. Even though it was built in 2017, the traditional architecture will instantly transports you to when that part of Dubai was a pearl-diving port.

7. Dubai has some of the prettiest cafes, a favorite of mine has to be Parlour. Coffee there is amazing and served on a pink cup, lighting is also perfect for your instagram moments.

8. Every trip to Dubai must include a visit to Madinat Jumeirah! Seeing Burj Al Arab from there is something really special and great for instagram too. There are great restaurants to have dinner and also beach bars.

9. Take it to the open sea on a Hero Boat for sunset! The ride is 90 minutes long and you get a grand tour of the major points of Dubai including up close and personal to Burj Al Arab.

10. The perfect Instagram shot calls for a flower wall, right?! L’eto Secret has that covered for all of us!

11. The lobby of the Atlantis at The Palm is a sight for sore eyes!! The tall sculpture in the middle is called “The Chihuly” named after the creator Dale Chihuly, it stands at 18 meters high and with a total of 3000 pieces of hand blown glass! So perfect for instagram!!

12. The JBR is perfect for walks and with many locations seemed dedicated solely for instagram. My favorite is capturing the Eye in between the buildings.

13. The Pointe is a new addition to Dubai’s outdoor scene, perfectly position at The Palm with views of the Atlantis. There are so many great restaurants there with outdoor seatings.

14. The Kulture House is another very instagram worthy cafe in Dubai. You can read all about it here and see more photos.

15. The Al Qudra desert is a great place to take some amazing shots with the sand dunes and the best part is that you can drive up very close to it!

I hope you will enjoy my 15 instagram spots in Dubai as much as I do, and please follow me on instagram if you don’t already.


    • lterroni
      January 6, 2020 / 5:18 am

      I have a few lenses darling, but my most used is a 50MM F/1.4 and we use a Sony Alpha a7R III camera.

  1. Charissa
    February 12, 2020 / 9:42 am

    Hi, around what time do you go to spots to take pictures to make sure no one is in the background? Or do you photoshop everyone else away?

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