A day at the New York Public Library

A day at the New York Public Library

I have been to New York City so many times, but never made it to the New York Public Library. I have seen a few photos and thought it was such a beautiful building. You can imagine how excited I was when Dusan proposed a shoot there!

Located just a walk away from Times Square on 5th Avenue. This grand building sure grabs one’s attention while walking by. A fun fact is that the New York Public Library is is the second largest public library in the United States, and fourth largest in the world.

Getting in was super easy and free, they even offer walking tours. We went straight up to the main reading room where so many people were spending the day. Gorgeous interior and endless rows of books! I plan on returning to actually read a few and not just pretend.

The next set of photos were taken in the main entrance, the lighting there was absolutely perfect!

Hope you liked the outfit I wore for my day at the New York Public Library! Also we didn’t disturb anyone while shooting inside the reading room, camera was set on silent shooting and we whispered our commands.

All the photos above were taken by the talented photographer @justdushawn.

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