Summer Pinks

There is no denying that I have a deep love for everything in the color pink, the thought of summer pinks really brings a smile to my face. If it was up to me, my entire house would be decorated in shades of it. Since that is out of the question (totally blaming Ogi for the lack of pink in our house), I have decided to add plenty of it in my wardrobe.

This gorgeous silk scarf by Sofia Castegren that I recently got is a great addition to my pink collection. The pastel shade with cute illustrations and red trimming calls for a complete pink look. I chose to pair it with a dress I love and to my surprise they are both the same shade.

Isabella in Pink Silk Scarf by Sofia Castegren

Gal Meets Glam Dress

Cult Gaia Bag

Are you someone that loves summer pinks too? We shot these images in Bab al Shams in Dubai, you can follow me on Instagram for my latest adventures.


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