Breakfast at Circolo Popolare London

Circolo Popolare London is part of Big Mamma Group, a chain of restaurants we became huge fans of from our first visit to one of their restaurants in Paris (more of that here.) Food is a very important planing process for all of our trips and I was beyond excited when I discovered this gem in the heart of London.

To start our day on the right track, we chose to have breakfast there and what an amazing decision that was. But before I talk about the food, lets focus on the decor shall we? The interior immediately took us to a trattoria somewhere in Sicily. The walls are covered by paintings, flowers, posters, and an abundance of spirit bottles lining the shelves (I overheard the waiter saying that there is well over 20,000 bottles!)

We came in with a huge appetite which seemed to shortly disappear from all the excitement, our eyes could not seem to relax, we definitely felt like we were living “La Dolce Vita” as we walked in. Finally managing to settle into our table after some time and taking a good look at the menu.

Starting with 2 cappuccinos which later became 4 as it was so good. I ordered the poached eggs on a brioche and Ogi had the scramble eggs with shaved truffles. We both couldn’t leave without a little something sweet, so we shared the ricotta pancakes (best decision ever!) The dishes are served in beautiful hand painted plates all the way from Italy.

Pretty insta-worthy wouldn’t you say? The staff made our experience even more enjoyable, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I am already planning a date number 2 and maybe for lunch as I’ve seen on the menu a truffle pizza!

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