Stylish outfits to wear in Iran

What to wear in Iran is probably the question I get asked the most. I know it is very overwhelming to think of what to wear to a place with a strict dress code, specially if you have never dressed like it before. But I am here to say that it is not so hard and yes it is very possible to be modest yet very stylish.

Lets first talk about the dress code in Iran. All women must wear a headscarf at all times, this is due to the 1979 Islamic Revolution. While the hijab is mostly worn in the color black, nowadays the younger generation of Iranian women are wearing headscarfs in all shades of colors hanging loosely on the back of their head. I chose a sheer white scarf that matched most of my outfits and I purchased some traditional printed scarfs in Iran too.

The clothes must not reveal the women’s body, meaning nothing too tight. That means that if you choose to wear pants like jeans, then the shirt must cover the bootie (sorry, no nicer way to describe it!) The ankles and arms must always be covered and no low cut tops. That pretty much covers the essentials of the dress code in Iran, now lets get to the outfits.

I chose to wear mostly dresses and skirts paired with a blouse, as it seemed to be the easier way to adhere to the dress code. TIP: If you have a maxi dress that is not ticking all the boxes, then simply wear a long sleeve shirt or leggings underneath it.

I am wearing a Zayan the Label dress here.

Living in Dubai, I have come to love dressing modestly, I find it to be so powerful and elegant. For ideas on what to wear I highly recommend checking a couple of websites from UAE like The Modist and Ounass. Some big luxury sites like Net-a-Porter carries a large selection of modest wear too.

The below dresses are the perfect match for a trip to Iran.

For budget friendly dresses, these are all under $150.

The following long skirts are beautiful and feminine, perfect with a blouse or loose sweater.

Iran is a fascinating country with a very rich history. I hope this post has made it easier for you to consider it as your next travel destination and hopefully given you some ideas of what to wear in Iran.

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