A magical weekend in Austria

A magical weekend in Austria is what I like to call this unforgettable trip in the late spring this year. The reason why, is because I had the opportunity to travel there (and may I add that it was for work, big plus) with one of my dear friends Aida and my hubby!

We had so many ideas of what we wanted to do, places we wanted to see and all the food we were planning on eating. Aida and I arrived earlier then Ogi to a rainy day in Vienna, taking the weather into consideration we decided to head south in search for some sun. The next day we woke up early, had breakfast and made our way to the Palace of Justice. I have always wanted to see this beautiful place after seeing many photos online, and I can now say that it is just as beautiful in real life.

We rented a car and off we went on our little road trip. The first stop was Vom Hügel, where you can find everything from fresh flowers and a garden cafe where we enjoyed their farm to table lunch. I highly suggest this place for a off the beaten path experience of Austria. Continuing our drive to where we would spend the night in Jagawirt, a cozy guesthouse in Sommereben. The place looked like it belonged on a postcard, something about the cute houses surrounded by mountains.

Arriving in the later afternoon, we didn’t have much time to waste before the nightfall. We quickly made our way to the backyard so we could play with all the animals and watch the sunset. Our room was just as cozy as the rest of the guesthouse, the perfect place to call home for the night. There was no need to go anywhere for dinner as they have their own restaurant. The dishes have herbs and vegetables from their garden and pork is the specialty of the house.

The next morning we woke up early, had breakfast and did some exploring. On our way back to Vienna, a necessary stop to Vom Hügel as they made flower crowns for both Aida and I. We had a bit more time now to see the flower fields and take some beautiful photos there too. We couldn’t resist sitting once again at their garden cafe for coffee and sweets. Once back in Vienna we went to the Schönbrunn Garden to have a walk and enjoy the last bit of our day before heading back to Dubai.

Even though this was just a short weekend in Austria, it really felt like the perfect European trip. I had a chance to finally enjoy the countryside and in the best company, capturing magical moments that I will forever treasure.

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