Christmas in Prague

Ogi and I celebrated our Christmas in Prague, even though it was a few days before since we were both working on Christmas Day. Both of us were super excited to explore the Christmas Market, eat from the vendors, drink wine and see all the decorations.

With twenty-four hours in Prague, we started the evening at Hotel U Prince. The rooftop terrace to be exact, where all those beautiful photos you have probably seen of Prague are taken. The view of the Old Town is indeed very magical, and what a bonus to see the Christmas Market from above too. We enjoyed a glass of champagne and watched the dark night roll in.

We found Pauseteria by chance as we walked to the Christmas Market. Probably the cutest cafe in Prague serving an amazing cup of coffee too.

I loved being at the Christmas Market, I finally felt the Christmas spirit that you only get in Europe. It must be the cold weather or the fact that everyone is out celebrating it in one spot, feeling so happy and festive. I literally wanted to buy all ornaments and eat all the food. I finally tried the famous Czech sweet, trdelník which was so yummy. We even listened to the children’s choir singing Christmas songs.

The next morning we got up nice and early to have breakfast at a part of town Ogi and I had never been before. Even though we were in Prague to celebrate our Christmas, we could not help our desire to explore new places in a city we both love so much.

Eska is a modern casual Czech restaurant in a remodeled factory in the gentrified Karlin district. We enjoyed our creative and delicious dishes, it is no wonder this restaurant is part of the Michelin Guide. Can I also just say how surprised I was to see many people drinking wine at 7AM, this must be a Czech thing.

Lastly we walked the streets of Novy Svét, a quieter and less known area of Prague. I always love searching for less known neighbourhood to really feel and connect to the city I am in. This part of Prague is truly beautiful with its narrows roads. Was fun walkinng to nowhere till it was time to say goodbye.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Christmas in Prague and maybe found it useful and informative. I wish you all a fantastic 2020, cheers to the first blog post of the year!

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