The Beekman Hotel, NYC

We stayed two nights at The Beekman Hotel, NYC in November of last year and let me begin by saying that two nights were not enough! Located in Lower Manhattan, this hotel has a rich history which I can’t wait to share with you.

Originally built in 1881 as an office building and was once the location where Edgar Allen Poe wrote several novels. It was one of the first skyscrapers built in Manhattan and features an open atrium in the center, with a pyramidal skylight at the top. Because of a change in the fire code the atrium was walled off in the 1940s which became an accidental act of preservation (the glasswork and wrought-iron railings were kept intact). The building was vacant from 2001 until 2014 when the renovation for what now is the Beekman Hotel took place. Check this New York Magazine article for an image of how the building looked before the renovation along with an interesting timeline of the transformation.

Hard not to be impressed by the check-in desk with oriental rugs draping it and those pretty black and white mosaic tiles. I loved the continuation of the lobby with pretty pink velvet sofas and a perfect shade of green walls. The ground floor bar was the perfect place for us to have our little coffee breaks and enjoy a late night bite too.

The rooms all have vintage furnishings, with dark wood floors and distressed leather headboards. This vintage design is carried out through out the entire hotel, something I really loved about The Beekman Hotel. The ground floor bar is a perfect example of that, with tall bookshelves, many rugs and mismatched tables and sofas.

The Beekman Hotel has two excellent restaurants. One of the two is Augustine, where we had breakfast and highly recommend it. Don’t miss a night out at Alley Cat Amateur Theater located in the cellar with live performances and great drinks.

Staying at a hotel with a story to tell is something that Ogi and I really love, I hope you have enjoyed learning about it too! Check my previous New York post about Williamsburg, my favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn.


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