Staying at home

Staying at home is something I am enjoying and appreciating, as I am always traveling for work. I am now completing my second week of self quarantine and if it wasn’t for me having to operate a flight for work, it would be three weeks instead.

What I love the most about staying at home is the makeup free days and switching from my night PJs to morning ones. Now whenever I have the itch to leave the house that just refuses to go away, I put on one of my pretty dresses. Getting dressed somehow improves my mood significantly these days!

I also like to set small goals for the week and have been completing a lot of chores at the house with my hubby. We had so many DIY projects that we wanted to complete for a while now and kept putting it off for lack of time. Today we are onto our kitchen cabinet’s interior, putting some adhesive contact paper to make them look clean and pretty.

This beautiful dress I am wearing it’s from the brand Sister Jane, which I ordered from Asos. I love the back details with the double bow and how well made it is. Looking forward to the day I will wear it out, this then….home it is.

Sister Jane Dress


I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Check my previous post for some suggestions on what to watch while staying at home. Please follow me on instagram here if you don’t already.


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