My Maternity Closet and pregnancy friendly dresses

I have been meaning to share my maternity closet with you for sometime now. I am so happy I decided to go through all my clothes during my first trimester in order to put away the things I knew I would not be wearing during my pregnancy, and also have all the clothes that I would be wearing for the next few months in full display.

I kind of guessed what would work even though I had no idea of how much my belly would grown (so far I have 20 cm extra). Let me just say that plenty of the things that were in full display have already made their way into the “not wearing” pile.

Dresses are in my opinion the easiest and most feminine clothes to wear during pregnancy. No need to think of how to match something and in just an instant I look so well put together, this is so useful while pregnant believe me! Flowy dresses, the ones that I would usually wear with a belt (just remove the belt to make more space for the growing belly), wrap dresses and those over size styles are the best.

Now if you need to get a few more dresses and don’t want to purchase a maternity one, I have selected a few options that you can wear during your entire pregnancy and after. They are all at a great price point and I would recommend purchasing a size bigger then your usual size.

The dress I am wearing is by designer Damaris Bailey.

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