Buying a Pre-Loved Stroller

Buying a Pre-Loved stroller is something Ogi and I did not even consider, but now that it is all set and done we are so glad we decided on it. Let me explain to you why this choice happened in the first place: well if you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know that I was recently terminated by the company I worked for while on maternity leave, yeah pretty crazy but true! This made us rethink and reevaluate what we buy for the baby and how we spend our money in general.

We looked for strollers way before I got pregnant, but we really stepped our research game once we knew we would have a baby. The key things we looked for were practicality, safety and of course design. Bugaboo was one of the brands that ticked most of the boxes for us, but the price point was very high up there…not even a discount could help us.

So came the idea to look for a second hand or pre-loved stroller as I like to call it. Nowadays in Dubai there are so many people leaving the country to return home, selling many of their things for a great price. I looked and looked everyday, to find a deal last weekend that could not be missed!! A bundle with a Bugaboo Cameleon 3, a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat plus attachment and an Easy-Fix base.

The listing price was 2000 AED (540 USD) for the bundle, already so great, but we knew we would bargain a bit for it. I am usually someone that has zero bargaining skills and can’t hide my excitement when I find something I like (who else can relate?) Ogi prepped me before going, so pretty much I would just step back and be a mute while he did all the work.

The stroller and everything with it was in great condition, even better then what I expected and we managed to get the price down to 1500 AED (400 USD), that is a whopping 4500 AED (1200 USD) savings compared to buying them all new. I think we got super lucky, but I wanted to share a few tips before you go seeing a pre-loved stroller so that you also have a successful and stress free experience like we did.

Step by Step tips on buying a Pre-Loved Stroller:

  1. Sites that sell used things usually list items from Newest to Oldest, change it to Price Highest to Lowest instead. This way, you know exactly what is available in the price point you are looking for.
  2. People are not honest about how many years or how much the stroller has been used. Keep this in mind while scrolling through the ads.
  3. Investigate those photos closely so you can narrow down as much as possible the ones you like.
  4. Once you have decided on which stroller you want to go see, do your homework on the model and year of it. Most strollers get an upgrade every few years, changing a few things on the base which will make it easy for you to know what to look for to ensure you are buying the model stated on the ad instead of an older version.
  5. You can find everything online these days, so I strongly recommend that you watch videos on youtube about the particular stroller you are looking for.
  6. Know what is the price of the stroller in new condition and have in mind how much you are willing to buy it for. Usually a used stroller should be at least 50% less, dependent of its condition.
  7. Go to a baby’s store and check out the stroller you want to see, so you have an exact idea of how it is to manoeuvre it. Don’t be shy to ask the sales assistant for details of that particular model too.
  8. Now you are ready to go see the stroller in person! Check the base of the stroller to make sure it is sturdy, brakes are working and it is foldable. Last thing you want is a stroller that is not safe for you baby.
  9. Check for stains and rust. I believe this criteria is different from person to person, but be honest with yourself as to what will annoy you in the future.
  10. I would recommend buying a pre-loved stroller that has spare parts handy or encourages you to change worn out parts instead of replacing the entire stroller. I love this feature about all Bugaboo strollers.
  11. You bought it, now what?! Get to cleaning, that’s what. Wash everything that is possible to wash (following the guidelines of each item.) Get a little metal brush to clean rust from the wheels and sanitize the entire base.
  12. Make it personal to you and your baby. I found a great store on Etsy making beautiful leather handles for most strollers in the market. I will be getting myself one since the handle of my stroller is a bit worn out. This is an inexpensive way to upgrade it!

I hope this was helpful to all the new mamas-to-be looking for a deal. I am not a professional by any means on buying a pre-loved stroller, but following this little guideline I created helped us get the stroller we dreamed of at a price we could afford.

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