It’s a Girl!

it's a girl
it's a girl
it's a girl

It’s a girl!! That is what the doctor told us a few weeks back when I went for my 20 week ultrasound. Impossible to hide the excitement on both our faces when we heard that phrase…I think we completely lost track of all the other things that was said after it.

The ultimate goal during my pregnancy has always been to have a healthy baby. But if I can be honest with you, deep down we really hoped for a little girl. I have dreamed of dressing my daughter in the most beautiful dresses, also matching outfits and I know Ogi just wants a daddy’s little girl.

When it came to our baby’s gender reveal, we had no big plans for it. We just wanted to go to our favorite cafe here in Dubai, Parlour Boutique to celebrate with coffee and a french toast. I loved the idea of announcing it on Instagram with a pink coffee cup, because that is both our favorite drink! Later in the day we told all our family and friends and purchased something pink.

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