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The most romantic Valentine’s Day in Dubai

Valentine’s Day is just two days away! How exciting is it to have an entire day where we get to celebrate love with that special someone. I decided to treat Ogi to an early V-Day surprise (I love extended celebrations) with the most creative idea…


An Insta-Worthy Christmas in Moscow

This post is a bit overdue since my recent visit to Moscow is no longer so recent, and Christmas is now way behind us! Hard to believe how fast time has passed to be honest.┬áBut regardless, we can always reminisce upon the holiday season and…


21 Grams – Urban Balkan Bistro

Balkan Cuisine is considered to be the “Soul Food” of Europe, it is also believed that the human souls weights 21 grams. With these things in mind came the name for this bistro, along with a few other reasons that coincidentally aligned, but more about…


Pretty in Pink – Parlour Boutique Cafe

Parlour Boutique is the new spot in the World Trade Center. Their slogan is “French food without attitude.” An accurate statement to be made, since what we found upon our fist visit was, pretty interiors, plenty of insta-worthy dishes accompanied by the friendliest service. The…


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