My Dubai

Dubai and I are totally in sync when it comes to our food obsession. In recent years the amount of healthy restaurants have increased so much that I am having a hard time keeping up! But hey I am not mad, I have a chance to constantly be a ‘tourist’ at my own city, enjoying my days off exploring its hidden gems! I obviously also have my cheat days to enjoy the not so healthy, but ultra delicious options, and Dubai has many to offer as well. Emiratis love their sweets, and as you probably noticed by now, so do I.

THE MUST for a happy belly

Another aspect that makes my heart sing, and love Dubai even more is all the activities available. So many yoga and pilates studios, top of the line gyms, a new trend for crossfit and in addition plenty of outdoor activities.

THE MUST for a healthy body

Lastly, have I mentioned the fabulous hotels Dubai is packing? I love having a little getaway at my own city, spending a day at the pool or just getting dressed up for an evening date.

THE MUST for a fab getaway