Sala Lodges Projects

All about plastic:

  • Plastic bottles are no longer used in the rooms, tuk-tuk and airport pickup for guests use during they stay with us. This project took place with Refill not Land Fill.
  • Individual garbage plastic bags in the rooms are no longer used.
  • Bamboo straw are used for drinks.
  • The purchases from the market for the kitchen are made with a big rattan basket, eliminating plastic bags used from the market.
  • Eco-Friendly packaging is used for take away meals.

About eco-friendly:

  • Most of our kitchen goods are bought from local market.
  • They work with a local shop for the ice-creams and some of their desserts are made by Bayon Pastry School a free vocational training for underprivileged women of Cambodia.
  • Their used cooking oil is given to an NGO, where they reuse this oil to produce biodiesel and soap.
  • Their business cards and restaurant menu paper are made by banana trunk paper done by an NGO here called “Kumae”. The menu holder are made by rush grass by “Kamonohashi project”
  • The postcard made by banana trunk paper by
  • Eggs farm to table from
  • They support . Sala Baï Hotel and Restaurant School trains each year, for free, more than 100 students in hospitality and up to 150 by 2018. This program is exclusively devoted to helping underprivileged young Cambodians, with a priority given to girls (70%), more vulnerable and with lower access to education. Every year, Sala Lodges have four trainees practicing in our housekeeping department.
  • A future project is to use the green waste from their garden to create compost.